Solving Wifi Problems when updating to Ubuntu 16.04

It’s a long story but I will try to be brief…after updating to Ubuntu 16.04 from Ubuntu 14.04 I started to suffer random connectivity problems with unknown root causes.

I review a lot forums and I tried a lot of different workarounds but, at then end, the solution was to change to WICD from the default newtwork manager.No problem since then.

The deatiled instructions can be found here:


Hope to be useful.

Problems with date format and qtranslate (WordPress plug-in)

After installing qtranslate, a WordPress plug-in that allows you to turn your site into a bilingual site,  I realized that publishing date of the posts were showed incorrectly.

To solve this problem we must:

  • Go to Worpress Administration zone.
  • Go to Plug-In area.
  • Go to qtranslate Settings.
  • Show qtranslate Advanced Settings.
  • At Date/Time Consersion area select use strftime instead of date.
Hope it helps someone.